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www.selections.comThe pursuit and glory of gardening has captivated generation after generation from day one whether it be as a profession or dedicated hobby – even Adam and Eve were at it, but they didn’t have the fantastic offers from ! You may be a green keeper at Augusta, the head gardener at a country estate or gardening at home, the benefits are endless from the fantastic site of a herbaceous border in full bloom or a well maintained lawn, to a good fitness workout, and envy of your neighbours. From planting to pruning to the dreaded weeding, a gardener’s work is never done, and any labour or time saving resource is priceless. is just that.

Whether growing ornamental plants or plants for consumption, caters for every type of gardener’s needs ranging from lawn care to hanging baskets, to wildlife products to outside entertainment. The excellent website is so easy to use and boasts a huge range of brilliant products that will get every green-fingered enthusiast excited. All you have to do is click here to visit and you’ll soon find solutions to your every gardening need, whether it be a deluxe chicken house, or just a pair of gloves. You don’t even have to leave the house! offers fantastic descriptions of their products, and with clear photographs of everything you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. With such an enormous range of products you’ll struggle to find something you need that they don’t offer. Their entertainment range is full of useful, inventive products such as the fabulous ‘tree bench’ currently being offered. It is a steel circular frame that fits round the trunk of a tree and provides enough seating for up to five people. Perfect for a bit of shade with a glass of wine after dinner, and lazing away in the long summer days. All for just £69.99, or £59.99 when buying two at ~ what a bargain!

Also, a large selection of barbecue products could offer you the chance to go that one step further than your neighbours, and be the talk of the town. If you happen to be environmentally friendly minded, has much for you too. Ranging from solar lights, mobile phone chargers to bird-feed, and bird boxes like the ‘bird bistro’, which comes with a food-pack. It will attract a wide variety of birds, and can be ordered in three funky colours simply, and without fuss, all for just £9.99 from

If you’re from a different school of thought, and it’s birds that are annoying you or causing you problems in your garden, then offers a ‘Cat Bird Scare’ (2-pack), for just £3.79 in the excellent reduced to clear section. With such a huge variety of equipment and great prices, you just can’t go wrong with this tremendous resource. These products will help change a garden from just a place to grab a bit of fresh air, into somewhere you’ll want to spend as much as the inside of your home. You’ll find everything you need, for your whole garden at this site, plus much much more. Happy Shopping with

Current deals

  • Petrol Multi Cutter for £189.99
  • Log Splitter from £39.99
  • 3 Sizes of Willow Wheelie Bin Screens from £44.99
  • Apple Picker & 2.4m Aluminium Pole for £18.98
  • Circular Tree Bench offers ~

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  1. Michael says:

    Do you have any Greenhouse as advertised in the Daily Mail size 6 feet x 6feet.

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