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Buy today and get 3 exclusive Pink Potato Planters, 15 Suttons seed potatoes - all for £16.95 in the www.suttons.co.uk/breakthrough offer and Suttons will donate £2 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Potato planter kits are the easy way to grow potatoes with minimal space used up. Each of the three planters can produce up to 9 lbs of  potatoes, thats 27 lbs from the three planter kit.

Click here to buy the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Potato Kit

The planters are made from a tough polyethylene material and they can be used again and again. All you have to so is buy a small numberof seed potatoes and plant them next season. The potato kit includes 15 seed potatoes to get you started,

  • Swift - Early variety
  • Anya - Nutty flavour with long pink skinned tubers
  • Sunrise - Late crop for mashing and baking
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