Keeping Cats Away ~ Keep cats away with Cat Shoo

If you have a problem with cat poo in your allotment beds or around your garden then why not try planting some ‘Cat Shoo’ (Coleus Canina) It’s a humane way to keep the cats away as they don’t like the scent. The leaves are a nice green / grey colour with blue flowers in the summer.

The Cat Shoo plant is at its most effective in full sun, and surprisingly drought tolerant. It will keep cats away from your borders, and allotment beds  as well as dogs, and foxes. Coleus Canina is a perennial plant and will provide lasting benefits in your cat wars! The plug plant will grow to around 60cm high with a spread of 35cm. You can pick up a pack of 5 plug plants from Thomson & Morgan for £8.99 + p&p or try Dobies as they’ve got some at less than half price at £4.45 + p&p ab

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