Allotment ~ Post Winter ~

After a very hard winter, the allotment is about to come out from underneath the covers and experience it’s first rays of daylight. The odd bit or work has been done, but this is the first time we remembered to take a camera. We should have been looking at some nicely developed winter veg, but instead we find killed off plants in various states of destruction. The winter cabbage on the left have been tucked into by the pigeons despite the netting over the top, so we’re bringing in the re-enforcements for the summer crop and we’ll show you how to build them soon.

Seedlings have been growing in the greenhouse for a few weeks now, and we’ve cheated slightly with some cabbage from our local nursery in Sellindge. They’ll be going out once we’ve got supplies for the cabbage netting to keep the birds and butterflies off.

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