Sutton Veg Garden Offer ~ latest deal from is their Veg Garden pack which contains everything you need to get your veg garden up and running. The offer costs just £29.99 and must be ordered by the end of March.

Not only will you get 109 garden ready plants, 10 pot-ready patio plants and 3 packets of easy to grow veg seed, you’ll also get free Summer flowers worth £14.99 making this Suttons’ best ever offer. This seasons veg, all in one box for £29.99

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The 109 plug plants in the offer are ready to put into the ground, as is the ‘quality primed seed’. Primed seedhas been brought to the point of germination so its ready to grow right after it is popped in the ground.If that wasn’t enough, the pack contains 10 more plug plants which are ready to put into pots on the patio.

  • 10 Potato Tubers
  • 45 Onion Sets
  • 18 Beetroot Plug Plants
  • 18 Mixed Lettuce Plug Plants
  • 18 Perpetual Spinach Plug Plants
  • 2 Red Pepper Plants
  • 2 Chilli Pepper Plants
  • 2 Courgette Plants
  • 3 Tomato Plants
  • 1 Cucumber Plants
  • Runner Bean Seeds
  • Primed Carrot Seeds
  • Primed Parsnip Seeds

The pack comes in one box, just in time for planting out and thanks to the free easy to follow planting plan, you’ll be able to place things in the right place and with the corrent spacing. Order your today using the link above.

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  1. mrs jane davidson says:

    good offer

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