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www.unwins.co.uk/gtfxx1Everything you need for a bumper tomato crop from the amazing Gro Kit from Unwins. The www.unwins.co.uk/gtfxx1 offer gets you the Gro Kit for £12.95 and this includes 3 grafted tomato plants, 1 new patio Gro-Bed, 1 sachet of Water Saving Gel, and 1 sachet of Tomato Fertiliser. If you buy 2 or more Gro-Kits, the price drops to £10.95 each.

Click here to buy the Tomato Gro-Kit from Unwins

The www.unwins.co.uk/gtfxx1 Gro Kit offer includes three different varieties of grafted tomato plant, supplied in a 7cm pot. All you need to do is plant in some compost and water. The Water Saving Gel absorbs 400 times its weight in water, and releases water into the compost as required. This helps to keep the compost moist for longer rather than the normal soaking and drying out cycle associated with normal watering. The kit also includes fertiliser that will help to produce a bumper crop. There’s enough for 2 months or once a week feeding.

The kit includes grafted tomato plants which means that a strong base plant has had another plant attached to it. You get the benefit of a strong root system plant with the excellent flavours of another. The www.unwins.co.uk/gtfxx1 kit includesthree types of plant; Sakura, Shirley, and Velocity.

Order your tomato Gro Kit from Unwins for £12.95 + p&p with the www.unwins.co.uk/gtfxx1 special offer and your kit will be delivered in early May.

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