Good Food Plant Offers ~ gfp22 & gfp23 Good Magazine has got some great offers from and items you  buy are actual shipped from Thompson Morgan so you know that you’ll be getting a great value deal.

If you do manage ro find the exact same variety and pack size at a cheaper price in a competitor’s catalogue, Thompson Morgan will  give youdouble the price differnece in Thompson & Morgan vouchers. Visit Thompson Morgan Now

Here are the curent offers:

  • Basket Tomato: Tasty Tumbler ~ 5 plug plants for £9.99 or 10 for £14.98
  • Citrus Patio Trees ~ Orange or Lemon tree for £9.99 or both for £14.98
  • Asparagus Grow Kit ~ 1 grow bag + 3 asparagus crowns for £9.99
  • Blueberry Top Hat ~ 1 plant for £9.49 or 2 for £17.98 + 1 free plant
  • Offer details from

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