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www.Thompson-Morgan.com/ads91Two great offers from Thompson Morgan this week with £5 of savings when you buy two Wisteria ‘Caroline’.

These beautiful plants from the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads91 offer will bring a touch of elegance to your garden as well as its beautiful fragrance.

Click here for the Wisteria Caroline Special Offer

The lilac-blue flowers of the Wisteria Caroline give off a superb scent and will be a great addition to your garden. The Caroline variety is a dwarf species that is less vigorus than other wisterias and makes a great variety to plant in large containers. Once mature, the Wisteria Caroline will grow to a height or around 5m.

Your www.thompson-morgan.com/ads91 special offer will be delivered in April/May as a 2 year old bareroot plant. You can get one plant for just £9.99 or save £5 when you buy two for just £14.98

As with all Thompson Morgan purchases, you’lll get their guarantee that they will supply the best quality plants or your money back. Check their website for full details.

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