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www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99A World Exclsuive from Thompson Morgan, with their Dwarf Buddleja ‘Buzz’ plants, ideal for patio and pots. This offer includes the Buddleja Buzz Magenta, Ivory or Lavender for just £9.99 each, or get all three in the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 Buddleja ‘Buzz’ Collection for £14.99. Click on this link if you’re looking for the other ads99 Lily Dazzler offer

Click here to buy the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 Dwarf Buddleja Buzz offer

The Dwarf Buddleja Buzz is a compact variety, which is easy to grow and ideal for patio pots, containers and borders. The flowera are the same size as standard budleja plants, but the plants are half the normal size. The www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 ads106 and ads116 offers are great value at £9.99 per plant or £14.99 for all three, and will add a burst of colour to your garden. if you want ot attract bees and butterlies to your garden then the Buddleja is a great way to go. We’ve had buddleja in our garden for years with plenty of bees attracted in, making pollenation of other plants much easier.

www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 prices

  • 1 x Magenta Buddleja ‘Buzz’ ~ £9.99
  • 1 x Ivory Buddleja ‘Buzz’ ~ £9.99
  • 1 x Lavender Buddleja ‘Buzz’ ~ £9.99
  • 3 x Buddleja ‘Buzz’ Collection ~ £14.99

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