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www.Thompson-Morgan.com/ads99If you like fragrant and colourful plants the the lil ‘Dazzler’ from Thomposn Morgan could be the plant you’re looking for. Ten bulbs costs just £9.99 with free delivery and the more you buy the bigger savings you can make. The www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 Lily Dazzler deal gives you better value if you buy 20 bulbs for £16.99 or 40 bulbs for £29.99. click here for the Dwarf Buddleja Buzz offer.

Click here to buy the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 Lily Dazzler Offer

Thompson Morgan have a 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. They say “The best quality plans andperformance you’ll ever receive or your money back” Thata great guarantee when you add it to the great value prices from the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 ads106 and ads116 offers

The Lily Dazzler offer will bring amazing colour and fragrance and colour to your garden and gives your garden some beautiful ground cover. Each Lily Dazzler bulb fro the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 offer will produce over 10 flowers n the first year and even more in the following years. These bulbs are ideal for edging beds and borders or are equaly at home in patio tubs and pots. The bulbs will be producing flowers within 10 weeks of planting. Buy your Lily Dazzler bulbs with the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 ads106 and ads116 offers using the link above.

www.thompson-morgan.com/ads99 prices

  • 10 x Lily Dazzler bulbs ~ £9.99
  • 20 x Lily Dazzler bulbs ~ £16.99
  • 40 x Lily Dazzler bulbs ~ £29.99

All prices include free p&p

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