Unwins Eco Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus ~

Eco Sure Pond Clear Aqua PlusClean up your pond with the amazing Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus for only £8.95 and you’ll also get a free Nitrate Testing Kit worth £2.95 with the www.unwins.co.uk esdtx5 eslmx2 and essxx1 special offers. If you have a large pond, then the Large Pond Pack is just £17.90

Just one application of the Eco-Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus is all it takes to create a crystal clear pool in as little as two weeks. The amazing value offer from Unwins clears algae blooms, green scum, blanketweed, duckweed and much more. The www.unwins.co.uk esdtx2 eslmx2 and essxx1 special offers are avalable while stocks last, so don’t be the one left with algae all over your pond, buy your supply now. Just one application is all you need.


  • www.unwins.co.uk/esdtx6 Small Pond ~ £8.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/eslmx10 Standard Pond ~ £10.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/essxx1 Large Pond ~ £17.50
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esdtx7 Small Pond ~ £8.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esdtx8 Small Pond ~ £8.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esmlx7
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esmlx8
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esmlx9
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esmlx10
  • www.unwins.co.uk/estsx3
  • www.unwins.co.uk/eslmx3 Standard Pond ~ £10.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/esnwx3 Standard Pond ~ £10.95
  • www.unwins.co.uk/essxx2 Large Pond ~ £17.50
  • www.unwins.co.uk/essxx3 Large Pond ~ £17.50

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One Response to “Unwins Eco Sure Pond Clear Aqua Plus”
  1. Keith says:

    Pond Clear Aqua Plus does exactly what it says in the literature, most surprising to me as I have tried most products on the market – none of which have worked even half as good as this one. Many thanks for the improvfement in the clarity of my pond.

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