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www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx1Its your last chance to order your potato tubers from Unwins, and you can buy one pack and get another one for free with the www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx1 special offer, while stocks last.

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(2 for 1 offer  half way down page)

Pick from six delicious varieties of postato in the two for one deal, and get them delivered before Easter when you buy today. You can get these varieties in the www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx1 offer;

  • Duke of York (early)
  • Red Duke of York (early)
  • Maris Bard (early)
  • Pentalnd Crown (main crop)
  • Record (main crop)

The trick with potatoes is to buy at least two varities, one early and one main crop. This means that you’ll get fresh, home grown potatoes over a long period of time. Early crop can be dug up as small ‘new potatoes’, or left a bit longer to extend the new potato season as a second early crop. The main crop potatoes are left in longer and harversted in late summer. The www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx1 buy one get one free deal means you can get an early and main crop variety for the price of just one. While you’re buying your potato tubers for £4.99 why not buy some other varieties to complement the www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx1 offer.

Different potatoes are good fr different things so you can dig up a particular variety to suit your meals. Chips, mashed, baked, boiled, and steamed, there is a variety to suit. Check out the www.unwins.co.uk/psmrx2 offer now and get planting now.

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