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More great offers from Thompson Morgan with £28 savings on the Tree Lily Collection, and the Begonia F1 ‘ Apricot Shades’ from only £7.99

The www.thompson-morgan.com/ads116 offer gets you the best quality plants and performance you’ll ever receive, or your money back. That’s quite a guarantee from Thompson Morgan, so you can buy wth confidence. Click here for all Thompson Morgan offers.

The Tree Lily Collection contains 9 bulbs, with 3 of each variety; Picasso, Cezanne, and Monet for just £9.99. Click here to buy the www.thompson-morgan.com/ads116 Tree Lily Collection, Thompson MOrgan deleoped the Tree Lily Collection to grow extra high and have double flowers with pollen and stain free blooms.

The cascading Begonia F1 Apricot Shades deal is £7.99 for 25 begonia plugs, and 42 plug plants for £9.99. Postage and packing for your order is £4.45 regardless of how much you buy, so its best to get everything you need inone go to avoid paying postage lots of times.

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  1. Cherry says:

    This spring I made a big mistake,I bought cheaper mail order trailing geraniums and fuchias than yours and really regret that.Have bought from you for quite a few years and will now do so again.Actually think it was a useful experiment,and you surely won!!

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