www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd413 ~ Tree Peonies & Giant Fuchsias

Fantastic offers on Sweet Scented Tree Peonies and Giant Fuchsias from the www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd413 special offer.

Tree Peonies are the national flower of China, and produce some wonderful oversized blooms that will add real impact to your garden, with flowers from late spring into early summer. The www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd413 off supplies theplants as 3 year old plants with 20-25cm roots. Click here to get these amazing plants at £4.99 each or only £3.24 as part of the collection of 4 varieties. Add VMAFF02 to the shopping basket to activate special price. Code expires 15th May 2011.

We’ve found a superb offer from the Van Meuwen site that is even btter than the on advertised for www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd413. 15 Giant Fuchsia Plug Plants for £9.95 and get free delivery when you use the code VMAFF26 at the checkout. Click here to buy from Van Meuwen Thats a saving of £3.95 on the paper offer. Code expires on 20th April 2011.

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