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More excellent offers on plants from Van Meuwen this week with ‘amazingly floriferous Begonias’  at just £7.49 for 10 tubers, Giant Fuchsias from £599, take them up on their 40 Begonia collection deal for just £14.98

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Begonias are ideal for hanging baskets, beds and borders, and make ideal plants for window boxes. The Begonias from the www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd420 offer cost £7.98 for 10 tubers of a particular variety, or you can get a collection of 40 tubers for £14.98 saving half price on the previous price.

Here are the varities you can buy from the www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd420 vmd421 and vmd422 deals;

  • Begonia Non Stop
  • Begonia Double
  • Begonia Fringed
  • Begonia Cascading

You’ll get 10 tubers for £7.49 or get 10 of each 4 varieties for £14.98

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