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Some more great value offers this week from Thompson Morgan. Superb savings back up with excellent customer service and care. Thompson Morgan have the amazing Tree Lily Collection for just £9.99 down from £39.97  or buy two for £17.98 saving you even more. For these offers and many more like them, click on the link below

Click here for Thompson Morgan offers

The www.thomposn-morgan.com/ads153 Tree Lily Collection offer includes 9 bulbs that will grow up to 8 foot and produce large heavenly scented blooms. Each bulb will produce up to 30 giant blooms, and you only pay £9.99 for 3 bulbs. Thompson Morgan have developed double-flowered pollen and stain free blooms, making these a great additon to your garden.

The Tree Lily Collection has 3 bulbs, with three of each variety; Picasso, Cezanne, and Monet

Special Offers this week

  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads150 ~ Tree Lilies for £9.99
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads151 ~ Cascading Begonias from £9.99
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads152
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads153
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads154
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads155
  • www.thompson-morgan.com/ads156
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