Dark Dahlias ~

You may think that your garden has been perfectly planned, with mixures of colour, height, scent and texture but your garden display may not be complete wthout the rich colours of some Dark Dahlias.

Its getting close to the perfect time to plant your Dark Dahlias, and the gardening shops are starting to sell them with some great value deals. The www.unwins.co.uk/dddtx1 offer is currently just £11.25 for their Dark Dahlia Collection with 5 ready to plant, top grade tubers. Buy two of the www.unwins.co.uk/dddtx1 for only £18. Unwins charge just £3.95 for postage and packing

Sarah Raven offers a choice of Dark Dahlias, from £2.96 for a single tuber to their Ultimate Dark Collection of 6 tubers  for £16.68. Their shipping charges are a little higher at £4.95 and a fair amount of their Dark Dahlias are out of stock. We’re not sure if they are of better quality and have sold out first, or that Unwins have secured better stocks.

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