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www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rdmy4In response to their customer’s demand for fully planted hanging baskets, Gardening Direct are happy to announce, that they are now selling a range of 4 baskets in time for Summer. The www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rdmy4 offer gets you two fully planted, ready to hang baskets for just £14.97

Click here to buy the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rdmb4 offer

All you have to do is open the packaging, hang the baskets ad add water! It couldn;t be an easier or quicker way to get some stunnign colour in your garden this summer. The www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rdmy4 offer gives you a choice of 4 hanging basket displays;

  • Geranium Summertime
  • Impatiens Izzy Wizzy Mix
  • Lobelia Fountina Mix
  • Petunia Easy Wave Mix

All of these baskets will gove you colour all summer long., all you have to do is remember to water them. The baskets measure 27cm in diameter and come ready to hang with compost and 5 plants of your selected variety in each basket. Buy the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rdmy4 offer using the link above.

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