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A great offer for your garden from Suttons with 96 Stunning Perenials for £29.97 with the www.suttons.co.uk/perennials special offer. Thats 96 perenials ready to be potten out at half price, now just £29.97

Click here to Buy the Suttons Perenneial Deal

The www.suttons.co.uk/perennials contains a riot of colour with 16 plants each of 6 different varieties. The perenial collection is not only a mixture, but also of height so your borders can have the full impact with each type of flower showing above the last.

The www.suttons.co.uk/perennials offer include 16 each of;

  • Verbena Bonariensis
  • Digitalis Camelot
  • Echinacea Paradiso
  • Lupin Gallery
  • Aubretia Mix
  • Gaillardia Arizona Sun

Buy the www.suttons.co.uk/perennials offer for £29.97 before the 3rd Juen 2011 and you can get 12 Cottage Grden Pinks for an extra £10, saving you £4.99 off the normals price. Buy the www.suttons.co.uk/perennials offer using the link above.

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