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www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rexy5The latest offer from Gardening Direct are two fully planted hanging baskets for only £14.99 with free postage and packing if you buy two lots thanks the the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rexy5 special offer.

These will provide  a real burst of colour in your garden this year with little effort on your part! All you have to do is hang them up (brackets not included) and water. When the display has finaly finished in October, empty the plants and compost into the the compost heap, pack the baskets away and re-use them next year with some fresh hanging basket flowers from Gardening Direct.

Click here to buy the Gardening Direct Hanging Basket Offer

Each basket is ready to go an dhas been filled with compost and 5 plants. At £14.99 fr 2 the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rexy5 deal isn’t to be missed. Your baskets will be delivered from early June onwards and come with the Gardening Direct guarantee that they are plants of the highest quality.

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One Response to “www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/rexy5”
  1. Margaret says:

    Ordered fully-planted hanging baskets in April, and they came in July (unfortunately we were on holiday, but our neighbour had been asked to take them in) The Begonia Apricot hanging baskets are absolutely gorgeous – a riot of colour and such huge blooms -I am delighted. They are a lovely sight every time I look out into my back garden. Thankyou!!!!

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