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www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/amal2 amal1More superb offers from Gardening Direct with 2 fully planted hanging baskets from the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/amal1 offer for just £18.99

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Each hanging basket is ready to hang and contains 5 plants and compost meaning that all you have to do is hang them and add some water. Gardening Direct use their best performing varieties of plants and re-usable hanging baskets to give you a colourfull dispay from October through to June. The baskets will be dispatched from early October and starts to flower from Autumn, and bursts into full life in the Spring.

The www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/amal2 offer has a 2 varieties to pick from; Viola Friolina or Pansy Plentifall both at £18.99 for 2 baskets. Postage and packing is free and you’ll also receive 5 mixed packs on seeds for free when you buy either hangingn basket variety from the www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/amal1 offer.

The www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/amal2 offer is available to buy now with dispatch from October onwards. Buy with confidence thanks to the Gardening Direct 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you;re not happy, give them a call to sort the problem.

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