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Great offers on a range of plants from the Telegraph this week. The plants are actually sold by Thompson Morgan and we’ve highlighted the best of the www.telegraphplants.co.uk offerplant deals below. If you can’t find what you’re after in the list visit the Thompson Morgan website and use the excellent search feature.

The ‘free’ potato bag offer is only available via the Telegraph site, but f you;re going to grow potatoes why not do it properly and get three bags for £9.99 You’ll be disappointed after growing just one bag as they’ll run out quickly, so buy the extra bags and enjoy fresh, home grown potatoes for longer.

  • Helleborus ‘Hybridizers Mix’ ~ offer price is £8.99 but only £6.99 – buy now
  • Double Campernelle ~ buy now

These plants and many more like them can be bought directly from Thompson Morgan using either of the links above.

Telegraph Offers;

  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep260
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep261
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep262
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep263
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep264
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep265
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep266
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep267
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep268
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep269
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep250
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep251
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep252
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep253
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep254
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep255
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep256
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep257
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep258
  • www.telegraphplants.co.uk/tep259

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