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More great offers from Van Meuwen with the www.vanmeuwen.com/vmd567 special deal on the Eezee Fold Away Greenhouse and the Mini Greenhouse Cloche.

The Eezee Fold Away Greenhouse offers unbeatable value and according to Van Meuwen it is the UK’s lowest priced greenhouse. Get the Eezee Fold Greenhouse now. The price drop from £99 down to just £49.99 makes this stunning value and will give you 2m x 2m of greenhouse space and can be put up in just 10 minutes. Add some greenhouse shelving and some grobags and you’re ready to go.

If you’re looking to protect your early season veggies and plants, the Mini Greenhouse Cloche is ideal. Each pack contains 2 cloches and 4 ends, with each closhe measuring 105cm long by 40cm wide and 30cm high. The cloches incorporate rainwater collection reservoirs meaning that your plants will get the natural rainwater that they need to survive. Click here for the Mini Green House

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