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The new Foxglove “Illumination” is exclusive to Thompson Morgan and is the winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show “Plant of the Year 2012″.

The hybridisation of the exotic Isoplexis with the UK native digitalis was though to be impossible, but you can now get the Illumination foxglove exclusively from Thompson Morgan for £15.99 (3 jumbo plug plants) and £18.99 for 6 jumbo plug plants.

Click here to buy the Illumination Foxglove offer

The Illumination foxglove is a semi-evergreen perennial and will grow in sun or shade and is equally happy in borders or containers. The densely packed blooms flower from June through to November and will delight you for years to come. The plug plants will be delivered from September to October so don;t worry if you don;t get immediate delivery. Buy the www.thompson-morgan.com/dt372 offer using the link above.

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