Mixed Geraniums from Unwins ~

Unwins have got some great offers on packs of mixed Geraniums with 24 for only £5.95 from the unwins.co.uk/gpdxx1 and unwins.co.uk/gpdmx1 special offers.

If 24 geraniums aren’t enough then buy the 48 pack for £9.90 and save £2 compared to two of the 24 packs when postage is taken into account. The plants are delivered from late March by Unwins as 5 to 7cm tall plug plants with full planting instructions for you to follow. The geraniums have a long flowering season, from early June to late September but this will obviously depend on how well you look after them.

You can buy the unwins.co.uk/gpdxx1 and unwins.co.uk/gpdmx1 special offers with confidence thanks to their ‘Quality Guarantee’. If your plants don’t grow satisfactorily they will refund or replace the affected plants. The guarantee does assume that you have given the plants the necessary care and attention.

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