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Grow the sweetest tomatoes you’ll ever taste for just £3.99 and Thompson Morgan are backing up the www.thompson-morgan.com/tmsop47 offer up with a money back guarantee.

The www.thompson-morgan.com/tmsop47 offer costs just £3.99 and you get 5 plants (worth £10.99) and delivery is free. Each plant will grow around 500 super sweet  tomatoes from July through to December. The variety is called Sweet Aperitif and has been voted as the number 1 for flavour by leading horticultural experts.

The tomatoes plants can be grown indoors and outdoors, and the crop yield can be improved even more with the Chernpak Tomatoe Feed. Recent tests showed increased yields of 300% so it makes a cost effective purchase! Buy the plants and feed from the www.thompson-morgan.com/tmsop47 offer today

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