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A great special offer from J Parkers with the half price Giant Trailing Fuchsias. The www.jparkers.co.uk/zte offer is just £6.99 per pack or buy all 5 packs for half price at just £17.47 plus £3.95 p&p.

The www.jparkers.co.uk/zte offer brings you

  • Six Giant Fuchsia Snowburner for £6.99
  • Six Giant Fuchsia Voodoo for £6.99
  • Six Giant Fuchsia Holly Beauty for £6.99
  • Six Giant Fuchsia Deep Purple for £6.99
  • Six Giant Fuchsia Bella Rosella for £6.99

The Giant Fuchsia  will grow from 3cm high plug plants into 15 to 52cm high plants with trails 50 to 60cm. You can see the colours available from the www.jparkers.co.uk/zte offer in the newspaper or online. Juts buy the colour that your after and plant into a basket when they arrive.

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