Slug Traps ~ Death by Beer

Now that the cabbages are in the ground and the flying rats have hopefully been defeated by the cabbage netting, it’s time to add ground defences against the old enemy, slugs. Instead of putting down chemicals and poisons to kill the little monsters Read more

Cabbage Netting / Polytunnel

With the winter cabbage taking the brunt of the winter weather and the flying rat squad, we were less than impressed with our winter vegetables and something had to be done. It’s Us vs Pigeons, and later in the year the fight continues with Us vs Cabbage White Butterfly. Read more

Allotment ~ Post Winter

After a very hard winter, the allotment is about to come out from underneath the covers and experience it’s first rays of daylight. The odd bit or work has been done, but this is the first time we remembered to take a camera. We should have been looking at some nicely developed winter veg Read more

Keeping Cats Away

If you have a problem with cat poo in your allotment beds or around your garden then why not try planting some ‘Cat Shoo’ (Coleus Canina) It’s a humane way to keep the cats away as they don’t like the scent. Read more

Preparing the Soil

If you managed to dig your allotment over before you covered your allotment up for the winter, well done, your prep time should be minimal as the soil will be mostly weed free, and relatively loose. Read more

Allotment Composting

Continuing our guide to setting up your allotment, we move swiftly onto composting. We’ve got 20 new allotments on the site, and rather than vegetables appearing, they seem to be sprouting incinerators. Read more

Growing Runner Beans

Runner beans are easy to grow and will produce lots fresh vegetables, and the more you pick the more the plant will grow. This isn’t a definitive guide on how to grow the perfect runner bean, but it’s a good place to start and it works for me, year after year. Read more

Setting Up Your Allotment

If you’re one of the lucky ones and have been given an allotment, then you’re in for some hard but satifying work. It isn’t as easy as planting a few seeds in the spring and waiting for the crops to appear in the summer, but our allotment guides should help you along the way. Read more